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Referenz: K 25 294
1 second-hand gravity die casting machine                                      
Make:      VIHORLAT                                                            
Model:     CGA 06.12.1                                                         
Year:      approx. 1990,unused                                                 
Automated gravity die casting machines of the type                             
CGA are used for highly mechanized production of                               
aluminium alloy castings which are characterized                               
by a vertical parting plane and an opening from                                
the bottom created by a metal core which situates                              
the position of the casting in the centre of the                               
machine. Additional automatisation is possible, for                            
example dosage of the liquid metal from the holding                            
furnace into the mould and removal of the castings                             
from the machine.                                                              
Treatment of moulds with compressed air.                                       
Control of the mould temperature by cooling.                                   
Additional components for central hydraulic drive                              
and electric program switchboard incl. installation                            
power switching according to the basic project                                 
design arrangement.                                                            
TECHNICAL DATA:                                                                
Platen dimensions                                630 x  500 mm                 
Max. opening of clamping platens                       1200 mm                 
Min./max. die height                             320 / 1120 mm                 
Max. aluminium weight                                    16 kg                 
Opening force                                      2 x   50 kN                 
Operatoin pressure                                      6,3 MPa                
Cycle in idle motion                                     55 sec.               
Machine dimensions                              3200 x 2100 mm                 
Height approx.                                         3050 mm                 
Weight approx.                                          7,5 t                  
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