Reis SEP 7-20 Dialog II


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Reis SEP 7-20 Dialog II

Refernz: K 25 604

1 second-hand 4-columns trimming press

Make:      REIS
Model:     SEP 7-20 Dialog II
Year:      1995

Equipped with:

- NC-control Reis Dialog II and position hydraulic
- Insert platen
- Control device for hydr. downholder ejector
  downholder cylinder 48 kN, stroke 150 mm
- 2 x control device for hydr. lateral slide (2 exits)
- Take-out device swivels and adjustablein height (left-hand side)
- Robot connection(rear side)
- Connection for tool supervision
- Lifting protection grid swivels lateral and rear
- Switching cabinet
- Table platen machined for change of take-out to left side
- Pedal operaton with cover for cycle release
- Switching cabinet
- CE - sign

Pressure                                               20 t
Distance betw. columns                                780 mm
Stroke                                                800 mm
Distance betw. table and ram,
max. stroke up, adjustment up                        1200 mm
Table aera                      1000 x  450 /  760 x  795 mm
Opening in table                               250 x  230 mm
Table height over floor                               835 mm
Lateral passage betw. columns                         470 mm
Ram area                        1030 x  470 /  780 x  690 mm
Speed: down / up                               620 /  540 mm/sec.
Working speed                                          90 mm/sec.
Driving capacity                                     11,5 kW
Floor space approx.                    3100 x 1700 x 3900 mm
Weight approx.                                        3,5 t

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