WESTOFEN Westomat 2300 S


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1 second-hand travelling Westomat dosing and holding furnace                   
Make:      WESTOFEN                                                            
Model:     Westomat 2300S VPC                                                  
Year:      2003                                                                
Dosing furnace for use in gravity and sand casting.                            
Holding furnace with integrated dosing system and                              
electric resistance heating.                                                   
- Dosing regulation by memorized VPC-control.                                  
- Automatic dosing up to 13 different dosing weights in                        
  repeatable cycle                                                             
- High dosing precision up to +/- 2% weight tolerance                          
- Dosing weights from 0.2 - 10 kgs                                             
- Travelling base frame to serve up to 4 moulds                                
- Base consists of furnace tilting frame, travelling shuttle,                  
  variable speed drive, control system                                         
TECHNICAL DATA:                                                                
Total aluminium capacity                             2300 kg                   
Useable aluminium capacity                            800 kg                   
Max. casting weight                                    28 kg                   
Connected power                                        36 kW                   
Connected voltage: mains             415 V /  3 ph./   50 Hz                   
Connected voltage: circuit           240 V /  1 ph./   50 Hz and 24 V DC       
Weight approx.                                         12 t                    
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