RUMP 13 U / II


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RUMP 13 U / II

Referenz: K 26 463                                                    
1 second-hand continuous blasting cabinet                                      
Make:      RUMP                                                                
Model:     13 U / II                                                           
Year:      1997                                                                
Equipped with:                                                                 
- Vibratory groove and bowl unit                                               
- Filter 20.000 m3/h                                                           
- Control SIEMENS S5                                                           
- 3 turbines RUTTEN 22 kW, type TSMIV                                          
- 13 hangers                                                                   
- 3 fixing  units for fixing the hanger attachments                            
  during loading and unloading                                                 
- Front and rear chamber for automatic cycle without                           
  stopping the turbine                                                         
TECHNICAL DATA:                                                                
Useful dimensions, diameter                      1500 mm                       
                   height                        7000 mm                       
Door: length                                     2000 mm                       
      height                                     2500 mm                       
Outside dimensions (l x w) approx.       15000 x 6000 mm                       
Height approx.                                   7000 mm                       
Weight approx.                                     18 t                        
       - All information given without engagement -                            
                  Errors excepted ! 

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