Hindelang SLVE-175/200


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Hindelang SLVE-175/200

Reference: K 26 689

1 second-hand, gas-heated melting and holding furnace

Make:    Hindenlang
Model:   SLVE-175/200
Year:    1993

- Complete unit with base, Make: Mammut Wetro,
  funnel connection and switching cabinet.
- 1 new crucible BUX 200 Py (for replacement) and new base.

Technical Data:

Charge weight                                            175 kg
Melting capacity/warm furnace approx.                    200 kg/h

Size of crucible                       BU 175, base 200 mm high
or                                     BU 200, base 150 mm high

Melting temperature max.                                 900C
Operating temperature                                    720C
Burner output                            300 kW resp. 260000 kcal/h
fuel heating value                                       9,3 kWh/mn3
Flow pressure at the burner                               25 mbar

Melting time, cold furnace approx.                       100 min
              warm furnace approx.                        65 min
Fuel consumption for melting with warm furnace approx.   1,8 kWh/kg Metal

Weight of furnace without crucible approx.               1,5 t

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