Grohmann XC 01


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Grohmann XC 01

Reference: K 26 945

1 automatic X-Ray Inspection Line for Aluminium
  - as new

Make:   Grohmann
Model:  XC 01
Year:   2005 - short-term use only

- Unit for testing various aluminium casting parts

X-ray components existing of:
X-ray image intensifier
- 9'' Triple Field
- 3-fold Zoom
- Digital camera 1K x 1K (1024 x 960 Pixel)
X-Ray (160 KV)
- Diameter of focal spot 1,0 mm
- 640 Watt
- Radiation cone 40
- Filtration 1 mm beryllium
Tube control, 19'' rack
- Controlled by microprocessor
- Safety functions
High Voltage Generator
- adjustable 15 KV - max. 150 KV in steps of 0,5 KV
- adjustable 0,3 mA - max. 5,0 mA in steps of 0,1 mA
- Frequency 30 Khz (+/- 100 hz)

- Pickup-system and transport belt (on request)
- Type flexible automatic handling for inspection of
  aluminium blank castings via product carrier
- 3-axis handling of product carrier
- 2-axis movement of x-ray components
- Product specific carrier, nominal diameter 1.100 mm
- Wheel bearing (gravity die casting)
- Control: Siemens S7 with Profibus DP-Master,
           communication with digital image processing (LAN),
           machine belt operation and error visualization,
           automatic image processing, automatic type identification,
           automatic calibration
- Suitable for remote maintenance

Reference parts: transverse link left and right etc.

Technical Data:
Inspectable space (diameter x product height)      1000 x 450 mm
Max. product weight                                        25 kg
Transport level                                           850 mm
Transport width of inward and outward transfer - fix     1100 mm
Transport width of inspection position         - fix     1100 mm
Max. vertical clearance (lock)                            500 mm
Cycle times:
1,2 sec / photo (automatic check)
4.0 sec / product change (synchronized transport)

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