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Broeze MMM melting furnace
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Reference: K 27 135

1 second-hand 2 Chamber Aluminium Ingot melting furnaces

Make:   Broeze
Model:  Mobile Metal Melter (MMM)
Year:   2010

- latest technology
- Container loading station from truck to shaking discharge platform
- Unique pump to keep the material moving without touching the melted AL
- At least 30% less gas consumption compared to conventional systems
- Heat exchanger (2 x) for alternative use of heat/energy
- Second room is heated with clean air of after burner > less oxides. 2,5-   less melting loss > more return on input
- Many spare parts included in the offer

Technische Daten:

Dimonsion                                                   10 x   25 m
Dimonsion L x W                                           6000 x 2500 mm
Heat exchanger   Nr. 1                                           3500 kg
                 Nr. 2 3500 kg
Melting chamber                                                  3000 kg
Keep warm chamber                                                5000 kg
Capacity                                                   700 x 1000 kg/h  

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